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List of career options in biology

Many students appear for 12th exam in the stream of biology and students gets so confused for a hat to pursue after intermediate with bio stream. After 12th science, the course a student chooses defines his/her career. Check the lists of career options in biology.. 15 Biology Careers and Job Types can access from here, check here the complete list of career option in biological and careers in biology.

If you’re thinking about learning for a biology degree, or you have one already, these are the kinds of jobs you could be doing. Here on this page, we are providing major types of careers where a biology degree is useful. Biology is major in a 3-year Bachelor of Science degree in Australia. check the list of career option in biology.

careers in biology


  • Knowledge of biology is precious for a dentistry profession.
  • After an undergraduate degree, you need to complete an accredited PG program in dentistry, dental surgery or dental medicine.
  • If you’d prefer to be a dental hygienist, plan to complete a (VET) qualification in oral health (dental hygiene).

Job titles:

Associate dentist, dental assistant, oral health therapist, oral surgeon, senior dental officer, senior dentist, senior dental assistant, a senior dental nurse.

Environmental Science

A biology degree is an exceptional background for work in this field. Environmental scientists study the environment, drawing on their knowledge to make plans and policies for the protection of the air, water, flora, fauna, and further elements of the environment.


Job titles:

Associate environmental scientist, environmental scientist-contaminated land, principal environmental officer, senior ecologist, senior fisheries biologist.

List of career options in biology


  • To work in this field, load up on inheritance and chemistry units during your degree.
  • PG courses in genetics can provide a significant profession boost, too.
  • Genetics laboratory work involves conducting exact tests.
  • Cytogenetics laboratories test to determine if medical circumstances are caused by chromosomes, at the same time as molecular labs determine if there are any genetic mutations.
  • Genetics counsellors need a particular postgraduate degree.

Job titles:

Genetics counsellor, genetics laboratory manager, postdoctoral research fellow, professional svcs consultant-genetic/molecular, staff specialist-clinical genetics.

High School Teacher

  • Are you paying attention to teaching biology to high school students? You can enrol in a Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree program after graduating with biology education.
  • Preferred UG program would combine biology studies with units in other fields.

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Job titles:

Biology teacher, science teacher, secondary teacher, head teacher-science, high school teacher

Laboratory Technician

  • Your acquaintance and proficiency in biology will be useful in a career as a laboratory technician
  • After you graduate with your degree, register in a laboratory technology postgraduate program.
  • If you work as a medical laboratory technician, you’ll test human body specimens to assist with disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Other duties might include preparing reports and make sure compliance with quality control standards.


Job titles:

Laboratory assistant, laboratory technical officer, Lab and quality control technician, laboratory technician, medical laboratory technician.



  • To become a doctor, you must complete a four-year graduate entry medical degree program.
  • You’ll need to sit the GAMSAT exam to be eligible for admission into such a program.



  • Microbiologists study micro-organisms or microbes, such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, archaea, algae, protozoa, and prions.
  • A curious mind and well-developed systematic skills are essential to success in this field.



  • While nursing is rewarding and provides an opportunity for advancement, it’s an extremely demanding occupation.
  • Once you’ve finished your nursing education, you’ll need to get a license to performing in the profession.


Job titles:

Clinical nurse specialist (drug and alcohol), clinical triage coordinator, cosmetic injector, remote area nurse, research nurse, women’s health clinic nurse.



  • For a career as a pharmacist, you’ll need to complete a Master of Pharmacy degree.
  • An internship with a registered pharmacist follows the master’s program..

Job titles:

Clinical pharmacist, drug safety associate, intern pharmacist, pharmacist, pharmacy analyst, senior pharmacist, specialist pharmacist mental health.


Research Assistant

  • Research assistants regularly work in a laboratory environment.
  • Conducting experiments is the classic job activity.



Job titles:

Bioinformatics research assistant, director’s research assistant, research assistant, and genome engineering facility, technical assistant, research support officer.



Research Scientist in Computational Biology

  • You’ll likely need a PhD in the field as well as postdoctoral or other experience for this job.
  • You need to know how to write computer programs as well as do statistical analysis and will need highly developed analytical and communication skills.

Job titles:

Data scientist genome analysis (postdoctoral fellowship), a research scientist in applied biological modelling, research scientist-computational biology, scientist, senior research officer.


Veterinary Science

  • To become a veterinarian, you’ll need to complete a (DVM) program after your undergraduate biology degree.
  • If you’d prefer a career as a veterinary nurse, you should earn a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.
  • A 24-month traineeship might also be available..


Job titles:

Associate veterinarian, veterinarian-internal medicine specialist, veterinarian-small animal oncology, veterinarian-small animal surgeon, veterinary nurse, veterinary surgeon.

check here the complete detail about careers in biology and List of career options in biology. if you have any query regarding this topic then comment below and give your suggestion also.

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