How to improve your FOCUS & concentration During Examination | Best Tips For Students For Examination

How to improve your FOCUS & concentration During Examination

Here in this post all the students can get the idea that how to improve your Focus & Concentration during the examination. We have been asked a question in our Q and A series in this blog post. That my attention gets scattered and how do I control my lack of presence of mind? And here is the main culprit! I am not endorsing any brand! And this device, which is manufactured in millions across the world. And the programs which are installed on this device, especially social media,

Is the number one reason behind today’s distracted generation! Technology, itself is not our enemy! Technology, connect people across the world, spread information, it has so many benefits! But mobile phones, smart phones and social media has bring us to that situation, Here we are discuss about how to improve your foucs & concentration during examination

That we have become a distracted generation! I usually find individuals talking on phones while they are riding a two wheeler! It’s going to end up next in a neck’s sprain. How important that call could be? It can be a life or death situation! On the two-wheeler, a person is holding a phone while riding And the outcome is that we are losing presence of mind! So, don’t let these gadgets control you; you control these gadgets! And that is the self-discipline we need, in order to know, that this force, This technology is good for us,until it starts ruling us.

Famous American thinker Henry David Thoreau once said that Men will become tools of their tools! In future, people will become slaves of their tools. And we don’t want to be like that. We need to understand that technology is a tool. YouTube is a tool, social media is a tool, internet is a tool. These are tools for you to deepen your consciousness and your awareness. Right? You don’t have to become their slaves.

You are master and retain that position! So I would like to share some tips with our visitors, How to improve your presence of mind? No.1: Nowadays urgency, before doing anything That I have to announce it on social media first.Reduce that! You know after happening that thing take pictures at that moment. But you can post it later on. It’s not really hyper important that before doing something, it should be broadcasted.

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How to improve your FOCUS & concentration Tips & Guide

It’s not like that you have to broadcast your life immediately. Yes, of course, we all want to share our precious moments with our loved ones. Like I am a speaker, Wherever I get life lessons I share that through Facebook and YouTube, But balance is very very important! For you to know where to strike the balance and where to spend time with yourself and you’re loved ones and when to spend time with technology.


You know friends that time is the only thing that once gone can never be brought back. And we all have limited time on this planet! So we have to be extra careful about how I am spending the majority of time. So to improve your presence of mind here are some few tips that I use frequently! No.1: Take frequent pauses. every now and then, take a small pause. Suppose you have a day of 7-8 hours, so take a 5 minutes pause. And in the meanwhile you only have to breathe. Just inhale… Hold your breath for few seconds and then exhale! You do it 2 or 3 times.. you remove technology from interfering with you at that point of time.


Perfect Tips For Focus In Studies (How To Handle Social Media Attachment During Exam)


Keep your phone on silent at that moment, everything should be silent at that time. Just breathe deeply! Right? And then bring your attention back to your awareness that what am I doing at that moment! If you are eating the food, chew it properly and focus on eating. If you are talking to someone, give your 100%, undivided attention to the person whom you are talking too. If you are taking a phone call, give your 100% attention to that call. Get the basic tips for How to improve your FOCUS & concentration During Examination.


How multitasking is not the Good Choice 

I am against this whole idea of multitasking! I think our performance drops when we are doing multitasking. We can only work better when our undivided attention is only on a particular work. There is a successful book in the market called “Deep Work” and there is a popular philosophy called “Flow”! Flow is that state when we don’t need to memorising anything.

Our subconscious mind increases our creativity! Rappers go into the state of flow, dancers go into the state of flow, speakers go into the state of flow, and writers go into the state of flow.

Flow state is that state when naturally like through a divine power, you automatically begin to create new things. And that states activates only when there are no distractions. So enjoy for sometime, explore social media for sometime and keep them separate.

Don’t let it take over your life! Nowadays technology is such deeply embedded, that we have smart watches to notify us about What’sApp  messages, Facebook likes, etc. Friends these companies invests millions of dollars for research on gamification! It’s like they know that it is a human tendency that how much likes we get on our photos For god sake they were liking your photo not you! You have to understand that if 200 people liked your post doesn’t means that they all liked you personally. Don’t attach your social worth with social media.


You don’t need to see your approval ratings on social media every time. Your happiness shouldn’t depend upon these things otherwise you will be a salve! and you will be very very miserable! So in summing up this Blog, “How to have more presence of mind”. Breathe.. Inhale, exhale! Pause every now and then. Reflect! Be in the moment. And then indulge, engage yourself in deep work. Give your undivided attention towards your work! I believe your productivity and your outcome will touch the sky. Thank you for reading

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