How to Crack Gate Exam Without Coaching: Complete Strategy for Gate Preparation

How to Crack Gate Exam Without Coaching: Complete Strategy for Gate Preparation: ¬†Here we are describe the complete strategy for gate preparation without coaching. How to prepare without coaching is one of the challenging task for all the students. Some people were saying you’ve made a full series for with coaching preparation What about without coaching guys. You can read the all blogs which are applicable for without coaching aspirants also and a lot are there which are for them only But I didn’t give it any special title so you guys didn’t understand So let me summerise how you need to prepare I’ll tell you in a very simple series I’ll give you 5 steps To make a clear picture in your head What you need to do if you’re not taking the coaching. One of the main question “Should I join a coaching Institute. After that, some people started thinking that “Ashish has said that you cannot crack these exams without coaching” Why would I say that when in my 3 times preparation Out of that twice I’ve prepared without coaching And in a lot of Bogs, I’ve myself said That leave without coaching.


He cracked rank one in the final year itself Rank 1 of GATE 2017 He got rank 1 in GATE in a final year without coaching Obviously it’s possible Why would I say it’s not and who am I to say that But a proper strategyThat I’m going to give you is required That I’m going to give you A lot are under hundred without coaching I’m talking for mechanical also In other fields it is very common but in mechanical where competition is very tough. It is happening there too But they are getting guidance There are some colleges like BIT Sindri, very few people know about it. Read complete our complete blog How to Crack Gate Exam Without Coaching.

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They all crack in the final year itself Some other colleges like that are also there They have such a good senior-junior interaction that they know everything like what to study, how to study which test series to give, they don’t need anything else so they are preparing like that Some didn’t even need to take coaching even after failing in final year they have the confidence for self-preparation why would I say it’s not possible without coaching? When I’ve seen my friends in BARC and ISRO, they’ve never taken coaching They got in BARC and ISRO So obviously you can prepare.


Direction of Studies in GATE Exam

I can give you direction because without direction, only working hard will not give you results let me give you a proper direction So in this Blog I’ve given that in a very concise manner What you have to study, where you have to study from is very important on study material for mechanical engineering that everything is free if you want to study then you can study free of cost If you don’t want to study then even money won’t help You might have seen a lot of people failing even after taking coaching A lot weren’t able to do with coaching also and a lot are doing without coaching also So everything is explained there.


The moment study material comes people start asking There are lots of online coaching Internet is loaded with it. Anyone is making it these days Buy my course etc Don’t buy anything. I’m speaking by last year’s experience Based on students who were prepared under my guidance I never suggested buying anything but they bought it then they are informing me. What did they tell me? They bought online coaching. It costs around 15k, 30k up to 40k Some people bought two They didn’t even clear gate cut-off now you tell me, you spent so much money and aren’t even able to clear cut off in 2016.

Complete Strategy for Gate Preparation

I didn’t have any online coaching I just solved a book of previous year question bank I got 50 marks from that. because whatever strategy I made It was working. I made a lot of mistakes also I didn’t get any guidance but still, I got 50 marks Because just spending money doesn’t benefit you Prepare in the right direction. So whoever wants to join online coaching Some online coaching is good, I know that some good some bad I’ll write a new blog on that. comment down below if you want but it is not required now.


Those who just started the preparation You have enough free material for starting 2-3 subjects you can finish Like my lectures on SOM are available for free You must be thinking it is not sufficient to last year who were preparing with coaching few guys left there coaching classes and followed my online lectures to finish it fast. because in coaching they were teaching in 100 hours from my lectures you’ll finish it fast If some people are doing like this then why aren’t you utilizing it? if it is for free. it is a complete subject do it, finish it, you’ll get a momentum If you feel like I have to take online coaching for a subject then take it, I’ll tell you where to take it from.


But no need to throw money now that you’ll buy test series, you’ll buy online coaching, then you’ll start studying for starting your study you don’t need money, study material, all the concept according to my blog everything is free, if you have that motivation then you don’t even have to spend a dyme You can complete your full syllabus for free for other engineering fields I know a lot of my followers But I can’t tell you to study material because I’ve graduated only once And it was in Mechanical Because I’ll have to consult someone How will I understand your engineering? Ask your seniors about it that where should I study from? So once you have got the material you’ll understand that ok I’ve to study this much ok you’ve understood that you’ve to study this much now I have this much time how to divide that I prepare well, Please do comment if you have any query regarding How to Crack Gate Exam Without Coaching.

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