ESIC Benefit For Employees- Employees’ State Insurance Scheme

ESIC Benefit for Employees: Employee State Insurance Corporation Scheme offers members financial protection in case of an untimely health-related eventuality. The scheme offers medical benefits, disability remuneration, maternity repayment, unemployment allowance, etc

ESIC Benefit for Employees… Employee State Insurance Corporation Scheme Complete details. 70% of the standard daily wages of an employee is paid during medical leave for an utmost period of 91 days in two successive benefit periods

Employee State Insurance Corporation Scheme provides members financial protection in case of an inappropriate health-related possibility. The scheme offers medicinal benefits, disability repayment, maternity benefits, joblessness allowance, etc. Check details about esic benefits for maternity, esic maternity benefit, esic benefits in case of death

Employee State Insurance Corporation Scheme Benefit for Employees

In a time, when the industry was still in its nascent stage, the people of India were still heavily dependent on a large assortment of imported goods and services. These goods and services were provided by either the developed or developing parts of the world.

To make sure that these workers were confined in terms of physical condition and finances, the Parliament realize the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (ESI Act) It was the first main legislation that was meant to garner social security for employees.

ESI Act includes health-related eventualities that workers are exposed to on each day basis. ESIC comprises any type of sickness, temporary or permanent disability, maternity, diseases contracted from a workplace, death due to employment, and any type of injury that results in the loss of salary or earning capacity.

Who is Eligible for ESI?

  • To come under the vast umbrella of benefits offered by (ESIC), an individual should meet certain criterion that has been set by the committee.
  • An individual who is working in a non-seasonal factory that has more than 10 employees, this criterion applies under Section 2 (12) of the Act.
  • With effect from 1 January 2017, the wage limit of an employee is set at Rs.21,000 per month for him/her to come under the coverage of the ESI scheme.

ESI Coverage:

This scheme has also been made extensive to hotels, shops, cinemas and preview theatres, restaurants, newspaper establishments, and road-motor transport undertakings. This scheme has also been comprehensive to the Private Educational and Medical institutions that have employed 10 or more people. This is appropriate in certain states and union territories only.

Coverage (as on 31 March 2016) Particulars
No of Employees 1.89 crore
No. of Insured Person Family Members 2.13 crore
Total No. of Beneficiaries 8.28 crore
No. of Employers, etc. 7.83 lakh
No. of Insured Women 3.78 lakh


Coverage (as on 31 March 2017) Particulars
Total No. of Beneficiaries 12.37 crore
No. of Insured Person Family Members 3.19 crore

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Key Features and Benefits of ESI:

There are a number of attractive features and reimbursement that are offered by the Employee State Insurance Corporation. Some of these are listed below:

Medical Benefits: 

ESIC takes care of an individual’s health check expenses by providing reasonable medical care.

Disability Benefit

In case an employee will disabled, ESIC ensures that the employee will be paid their monthly wages for the period of the injury in case of a temporary disablement or for the residue of the employee’s life in case of permanent disablement.

Maternity Benefit: 

ESIC helps an employee welcome their baby to a household that has been showered with reimbursement. ESIC provides a total of 100% of the average daily wages for a period of to 26 weeks from the time of going into labor and 6 weeks in case of a miscarriage. 12 weeks of pay is offered in the case of an adoption.

Sickness Benefit

ESIC makes sure that there is a current of cash coming into the employee’s household during medical leave. 65-70%% of the average daily wages of an employee are paid during medical leave for a maximum period of 91 days in two successive benefit periods.

Unemployment Allowance:

ESI provides monthly cash payment for a maximum period of twelve months in case of permanent invalidity due to a non-employment injury or allocated to involuntary loss of service.

Dependent’s Benefit:

In case the employee meets with an unfortunate death due to an injury at the place of employment, ESIC will provide monthly payments allocate among the existing dependents.

Other benefits that are offered with ESI are:

  • Confinement Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Vocational Training
  • Skill Upgradation Training under Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana (RGSKY)

Documents Required for ESI Registration:

Following documents must be required when registering a corporation or establishment with ESIC:

  • Certificate of Registration of the company or establishment
  • License or a registration certificate
  • Certificate of Registration for every entity and for the beginning of production of factories
  • A detailed list of employees along with their monthly payment
  • List of partners, shareholders, and director of the corporation or establishment
  • Company’s bank statements along with sufficient evidence about the commencement of operations
  • Address verification and PAN Card of the business organization or company

Numbers are toll-free and can be contacted at any time of the day.

Name of the Region Toll-Free Helpline
Andhra Pradesh RO*, Hyderabad 1800-425-2358
Bihar RO, Patna 1800-345-6190
Assam RO, Guwahati 1800-345-3627
Goa RO, Panji 1800-233-0132
Chhattisgarh RO, Raipur 1800-233-5172
Gujarat RO, Ahmedabad 1800-233-0424
Haryana RO, Faridabad RO, Faridabad 1800-180-1475
SRO, Gurgaon 1800-180-2526
Jammu & Kashmir RO, Jammu 1800-180-7029
Himachal Pradesh RO, Baddi 1800-180-2862
Odisha RO, Bhubaneswar 1800-345-6712
Jharkhand RO, Ranchi 1800-345-6532
Madhya Pradesh RO, Indore 1800-233-4414
Tamil Nadu RO, Chennai 1800-425-7080
SRO, Madurai 1800-425-2527
SRO Tirunelveli 1800-425-1505
Uttarakhand RO, Dehradun 1800-180-4161
Uttar Pradesh RO, Kanpur RO, Kanpur 1800-180-5127
SRO, Noida 1800-180-3181
Maharashtra RO, Mumbai RO, Mumbai 1800-209-4599
SRO, Pune 1800-233-4143
Puducherry RO, Puducherry 1800-425-7642
Punjab SRO, Ludhiana 1800-180-0026
West Bengal RO, Kolkata 1800-345-4454
SRO, Barrackpore 1800-345-5985
Karnataka RO, Bangalore 1800-425-0636
SRO, Hubli 1800-425-0037
Rajasthan RO, Jaipur 1800-180-6266
RO, Udaipur 1800-180-6224



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