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BYJUs Business Model | Complete Case Study | Detailed Analysis: You Can read this story Blog is about Byju, Read Carefully the Byju man who is the great person who was a worker of the shipping industry as a professional engineer and his one friend is there who works in the IT sector. he asks him to teach how to prepare for CAT Exam as he knows he has a friend who is very jugadu in his nature Who knows all the tricks and Tips for Giving CAT Exam Because CAD Exam is all About Speed and You don’t have time to solve the Complete question but have to use some trick for time-saving He Knows that His Friend can Teach him Tricks for Solving Questions So Byju’s Help his friend by Studying together and later give exam Finally when the Result Announces. Check the detail information about BYJUs Business Model and the complete case study with fact.

His Friend gets really Good marks and along with that, Byju’s Get a 100 Percentile You can Consider him as a Topper Later he gets an Offer from the IIM but He Rejects it He prefers his Current Job over that After doing Job For sometimes, Another Friend comes to Him and say the Same Thing that i want to Clear CAT Exam, Please Help me He teaches him and Give exam along with that Friend Again His Friend gets good marks and He gets 100 Percentile This time he gets famous as he cleared the CAT exam Twice and gets 100 Percentile So, all His Friends and Neighbor comes to Him and tell him to teach them for CAD exam and he teaches them all and Within some time, His batch begins to expand He had a small Classroom in the Beginning by investing a small amount of money The Growth extent was really High that he has to book a Seminar Hall for all 1200 Students to provide a huge education system.


BYJUs Business Model Complete Education Business Model.

He has to book a full Auditorium afterwardss Then he Realize a Problem That the students are coming from all around India for his Teaching Then he starts Doing Traveling so that he can teach in different Areas and Help all Students As he starts travelling in different States and Teaches, He start Enjoying It and Also love this as a full-time Career So he Found a Company in the year of 2008, with name Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. His name is Byju so you should be getting an Idea Why he is Having is App name as Byju’s Because it’s a Byju’s App He starts By Teaching In Jyoti Niwas College with 30-40 Students and then expands with a Batch over 1200 Students and now he has a Top Funded app in India That he has the one of the Biggest Funded Education based great Startup In India Now think of How this Company expanded w will tell you about all the problems the faced during this great Journey If you check their Website Today.


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Growth of BYJUs Over a Period of Time 

They are selling a maximum of Courses, that are paid Not the Free one, Actually the cant sell Any Free Course as the Have a Huge investment on them They have Raised almost 244M Dollars funding in 7 Different Funding Rounds So if you have raised this much amount as Funding, You have to give Paid Courses only and cant give the Free Ones So their Complete Model Is Paid Now they Offers a K-12 Series where K stands for Kinder Garden and 12 means 12th Standard Means, they are Providing Education for all the students From Kinder Garden to 12th Standard They have a Video Course Module Their is a problem with the all of Offline Course Suppose I have an Institute of a Digital Marketing and you come to me for learning digital marketing.

Now we can be studding and you can Understand Everything But Every individual person has a Different technical level of teaching Learning and Understanding all condition let Suppose I have a Capabilities of teaching 12 to 13 Hours daily only and you don’t have that much Frequency and you are only Capable of 4 Hours most If I am teaching you and you are not able to Understand, then Its a loss for both of us as you are not able to understand and my time and energy are also getting waste My aim is to teach you well, and it’s not happening.


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But online Course had an Advantage of learning at your own pace as you have bought the Course and it up to you whether you want to watch a Single video per day or watch 15 videos per day or Do the Complete Course within a Week and can revise it in the next week and so on, it’s totally up to you The have the Toppers Facilities with excellent education and skills Let me share the Story of his wife Divya Now, she came to his Center for the GRE Exam Their wasn’t a separate module for the GRE that time so She joined him for the CAT Exam So they Studied Together and later she got admission in the stand Fort University But she Refused it and joined with the Byju was it because of the Love with the Maths or Something else? We get to know about this when they got Married It was in 2015 when there was a huge hike of Smartphones and Smartphones were common things,


Digital Marketing Entry in BYJU’S

They launched the mobile application I was reading this, just after 1 month from the Launch of their application, they went for Tv Commercials This is Aggressive marketing, you don’t have to wait, but act Instantly So they started acting Instantly and Now Byju’s Is the biggest player in Edu based Sector You can check the No. of Download on Playstore They say that they have around 4-5 Lakhs Subscribed Users those who are paying annually They have a great Return Rate, they mentioned, later on, I want to ask you something there is a video in the I Button that I have to post on my another channel and isn’t public at the moment

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